Barry Sheene won his second and final title with six wins in his Suzuki, as Steve Baker took the runner-up spot despite no wins. This is the last Grand Prix Motorcycling season to date won by a British rider.

Riders 1977Edit

  • Flag Italy Giacomo Agostini
  • Flag Finland Teuvo Länsivuori
  • Flag Italy Marco Lucchinelli
  • Flag USA Pat Hennen
  • Flag UK Barry Sheene
  • Flag UK Steve Parrish
  • Flag Switzerland Philippe Coulon
  • Flag Australia Jack Findlay
  • Flag UK Alex George
  • Flag France Michel Rougerie
  • Flag Italy Virginio Ferrari
  • Flag Italy Gianfranco Bonera
  • Flag Venezuela Johnny Cecotto
  • Flag Italy Armando Toracca
  • Flag Netherlands Wil Hartog
  • Flag USA Steve Baker
  • Flag Germany Helmut Kassner
  • Flag Austria Max Wiener

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